A glimpse behind the scenes with some concept art
On this page you will find some concept art of the game, work in progress and ideas and artwork for merchandise.
Splash screen design
Some initial concepts of the early Nimnims. It took some time before we were happy with the final design, before moving onto the other characters. We tweaked the colours once more. We started adding facial expressions to the model. made a generic rig, which we could use for all characters, and added bones to specific area's where required in order to help the animators to do what was required.
We decided after a good old brainstorm session, to go for a menu using a large sphere. The main drive behind this was the easy expansion of new themes. And also a way to navigate using gestures such as swipe, pinch and tap
Background concepts for the Farm theme. The right panel was designed for cutscenes, in which we could have different scenarios. On the left panel we are cutting down on a noise level of objects, so it's more diffuse for the player, once the Nimnims appear on the play field.
Background concepts for jungle.
Zbrush sculpts for some of the Farm objects.
2 sets of facial expressions on the characters.